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Drone Park

Students in the Virginia Tech Drone Park

Now accepting applications for the Drone Park Part 107 grants. This grant program reimburses selected students for the cost of the FAA part 107 exam, with proof of a passing grade before the end of the Fall 2021 semester. Apply here by September 23. Questions? Email

The easiest way to fly on campus is to use the Drone Park. The football-field-sized facility gives students, researchers, employees, and members of the community a place to explore UAS operations without the constraints of registration, certification, or specialized training.  

To access the park and schedule flight time:  

Commercial and third-party operations will have additional requirements

Current weather at the drone park: WeatherSTEM.

The Virginia Tech Drone Park is located at 2143 Oak Lane; see the map below. 

Drone Park calendar

Drone Park map

Partial campus map with the Virginia Tech Drone Park noted